Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway

The Employees of the Tulsa Sapulpa Union Railway

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our mission                   

Provide quality freight transportation for manufacturing plants located along the
TSU Railway


our vision  

We provide our customers consistently dependable freight service built around their individual needs.  We are reliable, considerate and friendly to each of our customers, large and small.                       

TSU provides our employees job security, opportunity, respect and recognition.  Our employees, our customers, and our family acknowledge that we do our job well, and it shows in our company overall.

We are faithful, dependable and know our jobs.  We work as one and do our jobs to the best of our ability.                       

We keep a clean workplace and constantly practice safety.


our values                   

  • Our customer relations
  • Meeting our employee expectations                        
  • Our quality employees                         
  • Our safe workplace


our goals                        
To have open communication with                                      

  • Ourselves                                       
  • Customers                                        
  • BNSF and UP Railroad connections
  • Contractors                                        
  • Suppliers       
  • and to increase our freight tonnage handled each year with each customer


The Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway Company, L.L.C. ( TSU ) is a 23 mile long Class III short line railway. It is one of Oklahoma's oldest and smallest operating railroads. The railway is best described as a switching operation and a destination rail carrier as 60% of rail traffic is inbound to customers on the line, and 40% rail traffice is outbound. The railway operates 5 days a week with one shift as a general rule. There are five full-time employees. Outside contractors are utilized for locomotive, signal and track maintenance and repair.

Class 1 Rail Connections

Interchange Location



BN/Santa Fe
Union Pacific Rwy
Sapulpa, Ok
Tulsa, Ok